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Derrick Tolius – Content Writer Specializing in Cat Nutrition and Health


- Expert in cat nutrition and health, focusing on providing balanced and research-based insights for cat owners.

- Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics degree holder from Flinders University.

- Proficient in data analytics, enhancing the ability to analyze and interpret research in the cat health sector.


Derrick Tolius offers a distinctive and unbiased perspective in the cat health niche. His professional background as a dietitian is combined with a strong interest in feline well-being. His writing process involves a meticulous analysis of research and studies. This approach ensures that cat owners receive factual and practical information.

Committed to building the most comprehensive cat website on the internet, Derrick focuses on helping cat owners make informed decisions about their pets' nutrition and health. In his personal life, he enjoys playing classical and acoustic guitar and maintains a keen interest in health and fitness.


Derrick has a solid academic background with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders University. His expertise is further enhanced by a certificate in data analytics from Google (Coursera). This certification equips him with advanced skills in analyzing and interpreting data related to cat health and nutrition.

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