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Tofu Cat Litter Australia Review

Our Tofu Cat litter Australia review (photo of package).
Star rating graphic 1/5.
Dust control
A graphic showing 5/5 stars.
A graphic showing 4/5 star rating.
Odor control
A graphic showing 4.5/5 star rating.
A graphic showing 4.5/5 star rating.
A graphic showing 3.5/5 star rating.
A graphic showing 4/5 star rating.
What I liked

Rock hard clumps

Great odor control

Pleasant scent

No dust clouds

What I didn’t

Needle like shape

Not kitten friendly

Misleading label

Key Features




Made in China

30% tray fill per kg litter

$19.99 AUD cost to fill litter tray

Activated carbon

22mm x 1.5mm sized pellets


Tofu Cat Litter Australia is a great product really.

The odor control is top tier, which is great for small spaces. Dust control is top tier too, with no sand storms to deal with out the bag.

This litter smells a little like black tea and it’s not overpowering. It’s a pleasant smell.

Like other tofu (ok this isn’t tofu – it’s pea) products it’s a tad pricey.

This is Chinese made. Not a problem really, but it’s kind of amusing to call the brand ‘Tofu Cat Litter Australia’. Really?

Another issue? The long needle-like texture wasn’t our kittens favorite to dig their paws into.

Overall, this cat litter is great for small apartments and those who want things smelling fresh.

Product Testing Information: Tofu Cat Litter Australia

I got a pack of Tofu Cat Litter Australia and used it with my two kittens.

Then I performed other testing including dust analysis with an air quality monitor.

Learn more about our testing methodology

Here are the details and photos from testing to glance at.

A photo showing Tofu Cat Litter Australia (C) Simply Cat Care
Tofu Cat Litter Australia presentation.
Front label of Tofu cat litter Australia
Front label of Tofu cat litter Australia.
Back label of Tofu cat litter Australia
Back label of Tofu cat litter Australia.
A photo showing the tracking from Tofu cat litter Australia (C) Simply Cat Care
Tracking: Minimal tracking.
A photo showing how much volume 500g of Tofu cat litter Australia fills (C) Simply Cat Care
Density: 500g cat litter fills ~750ml in a jug.
Tofu cat litter Australia absorption testing.


Tofu Cat Litter Australia produces barely any dust. No issues for health here.

Results from testing below:

Air Quality0cm0cm pat test15cm 15cm pat test30cm
Max PM2.
Average PM2.
PM2.5 fluctuation0.
Max and average (mean) PM2.5 and AQI levels for Tofu Cat Litter Australia when testing for two minutes.
PM2.5 results from testing Tofu Cat Litter Australia with an air quality monitor (C) Simply Cat Care
PM2.5 results from testing Tofu Cat Litter Australia with an air quality monitor.
Tofu Cat Litter Australia air quality and PM2.5 testing.

Cat Preference and Usage

Our kittens didn’t enjoy Tofu Cat Litter Australia as much as clay (control). We used Chandler and Smitten lightweight clay litter.

Whilst they used this litter here and there, it wasn’t there ‘first choice’. I noticed one of my kittens used it when our kitten occupied the other tray.

I don’t know whether this texture is friendly on the paws as smaller textured litter.

The odor control is superb with this cat litter. If I’m being picky, the lack of dust actually works against feces, which don’t get ‘coated’ as much (a little icky to scoop).

A comparison of how often our cats used Tofu Cat Litter Australia to a control cat litter when tested.
A look at scooping waste from Tofu Cat Litter Australia.

Review Limitations

Our kittens only got to use this for three days, which might not be enough time to acclimate them to the litter. They have used tofu litter in the past though.

I emptied the litter tray four times to try make sure the trays were clean at all times to reduce bias. However, I couldn’t empty the tray at night so that might have influenced results.

Finally the litter boxes used in this article are only 42cm long. Research suggests cats prefer larger boxes (at least 1.5x the size of your cat).

Tofu Cat Litter Australia Review Notes

  • Review date: 4 October – 7 October 2023
  • Testing methodology: 1.1 (see here)
  • Test cat litter: Tofu Cat Litter Australia
  • Control cat litter: Chandler original cat litter and Smitten clay litter
  • Cats: 2 cats (Cleo and Maxi) (see our cat testers here)
  • Temperature: 16 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 58%

More About Tofu Cat Litter Australia

Who Are Tofu Cat Litter Australia?

As the name suggests, Tofu Cat Litter Australia are an Australian brand.

It’s hard to see whether all the ingredients used are Australian made. The website is a little cluttered for my liking.

The patented blend of ingredients include peas, activated charcoal, baking soda, and enzymes.

It’s a natural clay-free product that is healthier for your cat.

Oh and one cool thing? The box comes with a scratching pad and you can turn it into a cat hiding box. Our kittens really enjoy the scratching pad.

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