World’s Best Cat Litter Review: Is It Really Best?

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World's best cat litter review

Score: 7.7/10

Bottom Line

A healthy dust free cat litter, but it tracks a bit.


  • Plant based
  • Low dust
  • Great clumping


  • Mixed cat enjoyment
  • Tracks a bit
  • Average odor control

We’ve done this World’s Best cat litter review with the help of a local cat shelter.

Our Worlds Best cat litter review. Here is our cat testing this cat litter.
Our cat testing World’s Best cat litter.

With a name like World’s Best, you’d hope this cat litter lives up to it’s lofty name. This US brand specializes in natural corn based cat litter.

We liked that this cat litter is super low dust and clumps great. It’s a reliable and affordable choice that’s healthy for your cat.

So what’s not to like?

We tested World’s Best cat litter with a cat shelter. Unfortunately, one cat didn’t approve of this one.

The litter also tracked a little bit, possible due to it’s small texture that sticks to the paws.

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World's Best cat litter packaging
World’s Best cat litter unscented
World's Best cat litter score
World’s Best cat litter score

Want more info on World’s Best cat litter?

In this World’s Best cat litter review, I’ll share pictures and results from our testing.

I’ll take a look at the background of this company. Finally, I’ll answer frequently asked questions.

World’s Best Cat Litter Review

We took a look at the following product: World’s Best Original Unscented Cat Litter for this cat litter review.

Who are World’s Best Cat Litter?

World’s Best are a cat litter brand that uses corn in their range of unscented and scented litters. They claim benefits such as more value for money and better clumping over clay.

The products are environmentally friendly and flushable. They do not use clay or any other chemicals in their products.

Who Owns World’s Best Cat Litter?

The company started in 1996 and is an Iowan based company.

Does World’s Best Cat Litter Clump Well?

Yes, World’s Best cat litter clumps well.

It forms easy to scoop clumps with wee and poo contact. No troubles at all!

World’s Best cat litter absorbs wee quite well.

Clumping: 8/10

A look at how well World's best cat litter clumps
World’s Best cat litter clumps well with wee and poo.

Does World’s Best Cat Litter Smell?

This is an unscented cat litter.

There was no real smell out of the bag. We didn’t use the scented versions of World’s Best cat litter.

World’s Best cat litter is average at locking in odor. Not the best, but does a good job if you keep up with disposal.

Odor Control: 7/10

How Dusty is World’s Best Cat Litter?

Almost no dust!

We didn’t see barely any when pouring World’s Best cat litter in the tray.

Dust Control: 10/10

Can You Flush World’s Best Cat Litter Down the Toilet?

Yes, this cat litter is flushable.

We had no issues flushing this cat litter down the toilet.

Of course, it’s up to you how you want to dispose of waste.

Does World’s Best Cat Litter Track?

Yes, this litter seems to track a bit.

I put this down to the small chunky sand texture. It can stick to the paws easier than large pelleted cat litters.

A cat litter mat helps to cut down on tracking.

Tracking Control: 5/10

World's best cat litter tracks a bit
World’s Best cat litter tracks a bit after use. Easy to clean on a tile floor, thankfully.

Do Cats Like World’s Best Cat Litter?

We had mixed reviews at our cat shelter.

One of our cats rejected the litter with first try and pooed outside the tray.

General reviews online are positive though, so this could be a ‘one off’ fussy cat. World’s Best also offer a fussy cat litter, which is worth trying for finnicky poo’ers.

One cat pooed outside the litter tray using World's Best cat litter
One cat didn’t enjoy World’s Best cat litter, but other cats in the shelter were happy to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do You Change the World’s Best Cat Litter?

Clear out clumps every day to keep the litter box clean and sanitary.

Once the litter no longer absorbs, give it a change.

Learn More:

How Do You Dispose of World’s Best Cat Litter?

You can flush World’s Best cat litter down the toilet or use a garbage bin.

What Kind of Litter Do Cats Prefer?

Every cat is different.

Most cats enjoy a soft litter that’s easy on the paws. Others enjoy scents or are averse to scents in particular.

Does Worlds Best Cat Litter Contain Sodium Bentonite?


World’s best cat litter is made using whole-kernel corn.

What Cat Litter Should I Avoid?

You may want to avoid clay based cat litter for health reasons.

This type of litter contains silica dust which can exacerbate respiratory conditions.

The healthiest cat litter to use is one based on plant based ingredients.

Alternatives to World’s Best Cat Litter?

Check out our other natural plant based litter reviews.


World’s Best cat litter is a US based company that uses corn. Their litter is great at clumping and is low dust.

One of our cats didn’t enjoy this litter, but our other cat did.

World’s Best is best suited to most cat households looking for a healthy choice. Be mindful of the small granules that track (consider a mat).

Is it best though? We think it’s a great option and one of the best.

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