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Catit play circuit review

Score: 7.5/10

Bottom Line

Simple ball toy for energetic kittens, but not as fun after a few plays.


  • Sturdy design
  • Set and forget
  • Quick assembly


  • Ball comes out
  • Gets old quickly
  • No food reward

We did this Catit Play Circuit review the help of four kittens.

Our kittens trying Catit Play Circuit
Our kittens trying Catit Play Circuit

The Catit Play Circuit is a ball toy on a stationary track to set down on the floor. It’s intended for kittens to play by themselves.

Review summary:

The good?

Set and forget.

Got some kittens causing mischief? Pop this thing down and it gets them excited.

No human required.

The bad?

Ball comes out.

If you’ve got a powerful and clever cat, expect them to pry out the ball.

The track gives just enough room to remove the ball – albeit with some effort and ingenuity on your cats part. Could be frustrating watching balls fling out left and right.

The ugly?

Gets old fast.

After five play sessions, the cats got less excited for this one. Given there’s no reward (i.e. food) and human to get in on the action – it’s easy to see why.

Still, if you rotate it around with other toys, it seems to inspire some renewed interest.

In short:

An ok toy.

Catit Play Circuit is a somewhat pricey ball toy that our kittens enjoyed on their first few runs of it.

But as time wore on, this thing started to get old fast. It’s durable enough for it’s plastic design, but the ball might come out if you’ve got a clever cat.

It is a tad noisy as well, but you could always replace the standard bell ball with a ball of your choosing. A couple of extra balls would have been cool though.

Best for:

  • Busy people
  • Energetic kittens
  • Simple build

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Close up of Catit Play Circuit
Close up of Catit Play Circuit
Catit Play Circuit review score
Catit Play Circuit review score

After more info on Catit Play Circuit?

In this short Catit Play Circuit review, I’ll cover more info on:

  • Assembly
  • Fun
  • Safety & durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Pricing

This includes pictures from testing with our cats.

More below!

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About Catit Play Circuit

Catit are a major cat brand owned by Hagen Inc.

They’re more of a generalist brand, offering toys, treats, fountains and scratchers to name a few.

They offer 3 circuit toys from their senses range:

  • Catit Senses Play Circuit (this review)
  • Catit Senses Wave Circuit
  • Catit Senses Super Circuit

All have adjustable click-on tracks with a ball.

The cat can place their paw into the openings to bat around the ball along the track. The ball has a bell and you can open it up to take it out or add catnip.

Quick notes:

  • Large generalist brand
  • Offer 3 circuit toys
  • Ball and adjustable track
Catit Senses 2.0 range of products
Catit Senses 2.0 range of products

Catit Play Circuit Review


Easy enough.

Catit Play Circuit comes in pieces which you’ll need to click on.

Should take 5-10 minutes for most, but might be tricky if you have arthritis.

No real instructions – they assume it’s easy enough (it is, but you know – would be nice to get instructions).

You can snap together the toy in different ways, but the general idea is the same. Track with ball running along for your cat to swat around.

In short:

  • Clickable tracks
  • A few pieces
  • 5-10 mins assembly

Ease of Assembly: 8/10

Catit play circuit pieces
Clickable tracks that take about 5-10 minutes to snap together


Starts great, but less enjoyable over time.

The first time use a huge success, but things faded after a few plays. Better than a mouse toy and kept three kittens engrossed.

After three sessions, I placed a couple of other toys and the kittens got into those more.

Experts suggest cats get bored after three sessions – and this is no exception.

Quick notes:

  • Great at first
  • Fun wanes
  • Might need to mix it up

Enjoyment: 6.5/10

Kittens playing with Catit play circuit
Catit play circuit first play attempt
Kittens playing with Catit play circuit
Kittens are having fun
Cats playing with toys
New toys more fun a few days later

Safety & Durability

Not too bad.

It’s made of plastic, and is sturdy enough with multiple kittens batting around. Tracks can come loose if you don’t click them in properly.

Ball is removable, but it takes a crafty cat to do so. There’s gaps that allows kittens to get it out.

Although, that might be a good thing – because your cat can ‘win’ the game, and that might add added reward benefit to cats.

Quick notes:

  • Made with plastic
  • No damage after a few plays
  • Ball can dislodge

Safety & Durability: 8.5/10

Using the Catit play circuit
Ball is removable, but hard to do

Ease of Cleaning

A little tedious.

You’ll have to pull this one apart (which is easy enough) to give it a wipe down.

Seems like that could lead to wear and tear though, reducing longevity. But it’s not terrible, all things considered – and you can reconfigure the track.

Quick notes:

  • Tedious
  • Have to pull apart
  • Might increase wear

Ease of Cleaning: 6.5/10


Worth it?

Hard to say with this one. If you rotate it around with different toys, you’ll probably get more mileage out of this one.

Great if you don’t have time to play with your cat every day for 15 minutes. But might not be worth it if you’re playing with your cat anyway with a wand toy.

Quick notes:

  • A little pricey
  • Needs more variety
  • Great for busier people

Similar options:

Value for Money: 6.5/10


A decent toy that could give energetic kittens a few good plays with rotation.

Pros include the sturdy design, ease of assembly, and automatic nature.

Cons are the removable ball (if you have a high IQ cat) and lack of food reward.

Best for:

  • Busy people
  • Energetic kittens
  • Simple build

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