Honest Hound and Gatos Cat Food Review

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Honest Hound and Gatos cat food review. Find out whether this cat food is the best for your cats health.

Score: 8/10

Bottom Line

High protein wet cat food that looks great, but has quality issues.


  • High protein
  • Filler free
  • Suitable for allergies


  • Smelly
  • Mixed taste reviews
  • Quality issues

Hound & Gatos is a high protein cat food with a wide variety of flavors.

Review summary:

The good?

Protein rich.

You get 98% meat content in the tin with Hound & Gatos. As carnivores, this is what cats prefer and thrive off.

The bad?

Limited availability.

It looks like Hound & Gatos isn’t being sold on Amazon anymore, so your choices are narrow for merchants.

The ugly?

Quality control.

A quick scroll through the reviews revealing many issues including burnt pieces and rotting food. What’s going on?

In short:

On the surface, Hound & Gatos is the perfect cat food.

It’s 98% meat protein with no low quality fillers like wheat clogging up the tin. Plus there’s a wide variety of flavors.

So what’s wrong?

Well the results are less than impressive it seems and the quality wavers. Worth a try, but tread lightly.

Best for:

  • Easy digestion
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes

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Hound & Gatos review score
Hound & Gatos review score

After more?

In the rest of this Hound & Gatos cat food review I’ll go through:

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition
  • Value for money

Although I haven’t tested this cat food personally, I hope I can offer as much by way of analysis.

Let’s get into the article.

The goal of this website is to help cat owners learn more about taking care of their cats. I am not a veterinarian and I recommend seeking the advice of a vet for any further questions.

Hound and Gatos Cat Food Review


Hound & Gatos offer:

  • Wet
  • Dry

All wet cat foods are 98% animal foods and grain-free. Comes in a pate.

There are 10 flavors of wet cat food to choose from.

The dry cat food is also grain free.



Hound & Gatos show they’re products are 98% animal protein. Lines up with what cats need.

Their dry cat food uses some sweet potato and tapioca starch. That raises the carb content up, which isn’t what cats enjoy.

Ingredient breakdown (first 10):

DuckAHigh quality protein for muscle strength
Duck brothAHydration for with urinary and kidney health
Duck liverAHigh in Vitamin A for healthy eyes
Agar-agarCThickener, may negatively impact digestion
Potassium chlorideAElectrolyte potassium, for nerve and muscle control
Choline chlorideANeeded for cognitive health
Salmon oilAImproves taste and high in omega 3 for joint health
SaltBElectrolyte, may improve taste
TaurineAEssential amino acid for eye and heart health
Iron proteinateANeeded for oxygen transport and energy
An ingredient breakdown for Hound & Gatos duck wet cat food

Ingredients: 9.5/10


Good and bad.

Their wet cat food is great, whilst the dry is not so good…

All Hound & Gatos cat food products are meet AAFCO’s guidelines for life stages.

When given the choice, cat’s choose a food with:

  • 52% protein
  • 12% carbohydrate
  • 36% fat

Hound & Gatos wet cat food gets close to this ratio.

I noted that their dry food is low in protein (only 32.2% on a dry matter basis).

Hound & Gatos dry food came up as 39% carb (dry matter). Can cause digestive issues and high blood sugar.

The calcium to phosphate ratio is good (2.3:1) for their wet cat food. Helps promote healthy kidney function.

Hound & Gatos productFlavorLifestageKcal/kgPro*FatCarbWaterCa: P#
Wet cat foodDuck & liverAll1,30045%39%0%78%2.3:1
Dry cat foodChickenAll4,07632%19%39%10%N/A
Nutrition analysis for Hound & Gatos wet and dry cat foods

Nutrition: 10/10 wet (5/10 dry)

Value for Money


They offer 24 x 5.5 ounce packs in a variety of flavors.

More sizing options would be great, but the cost is affordable compared to the average wet cat food.


Value: 8/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hound and Gatos a good food?


Their wet cat food is low carb and high protein. Suits all life stages.

They also have novel protein options (e.g. duck) to help with allergies.

Their dry cat food is high carb and not worth it.

Learn More:

Is Hound and Gatos cat food a pate?


All their wet cat foods come in a smooth pate texture. Great for seniors.

Where is Hound and Gatos made?


All Hound & Gatos products are US made. Most food is locally sourced.

Hound & Gatos import a few meats. This includes the lamb, imported from New Zealand and duck from France.

What are the feeding instructions for Hound & Gatos?

They suggest:

  • 3/4 – 1 tin of 5.5 ounce cat food per 6-8 lb. cat weight

Hound & Gatos have a feeding chart for their dry food on their website.

You can also use an online cat food calculator. Best for precision.

Learn More:

How do I transition my cat to Hound & Gatos?

Go slow.

Mix 1/4 new to 3/4 old cat food.

Increase daily until replaced.

Does Hound & gatos have any fish or fish oil additives of any kind?


Hound & Gatos use salmon oil in their wet cat food. High in omega 3, which is great for joint health.

There are minimal filler ingredients in Hound & Gatos wet food. They use agar-agar (a thickener) but products are carrageenan free.

Are the cans lined with BPA?

All Hound & Gatos wet canned foods are BPA free.

Is Hound & Gatos suitable for a novel protein diet?


Hound & Gatos have a few products suitable for a novel protein diet. This includes their duck cat food.


Hound and Gatos offer a high quality wet cat food that’s grain free and suits all ages.

Best for easy digestion, allergy relief, and diabetic cats.

Downsides are their high carb dry cat food, and quality control problems. Mixed bag on that front.

Best for:

  • Easy digestion
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes

Where to find Hound & Gatos cat food?

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