Honest Leaps and Bounds Cat Food Review

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Leaps and bounds cat food review

Score: 7.5/10

Bottom Line

An affordable Australian cat food, but mind the thick texture.


  • Variety of flavors
  • Affordable
  • Meat rich


  • Missing nutrition info
  • Safety concerns
  • Ugly appearance

We’ve done this Leaps and Bounds cat food review with the help of our cat taste tester.

Our cat trying Leaps & Bounds cat food
Our cat trying Leaps & Bounds cat food.

Leaps & Bounds is an Australian cat food brand with a lot of flavors. It’s a solid no-nonsense affordable choice for adult cats.

Things we liked include the affordable price and meat rich ingredients. There’s also no added grains or legumes for sensitive stomachs.

So what’s not to like?

Whilst our cat loved the fish flavor, he turned his nose up at the chicken. The thick texture seemed to confuse him.

Unfortunately, we found missing nutrition info. That and the mixed taste results mean we are cautious with this cat food.

Overall, we think this is product is worth a try, but there’s plenty of proven performers at a more affordable price.

Want to find out more about whether Leaps & Bounds is best for your cat?

In this Leaps and Bounds cat food review I’ll share results from our cat tester Oscar.

I’ll also take a deep dive into the nutrition of this cat food to find which cats benefit most from this product.

Leaps and Bounds Cat Food Review

Who are Leaps & Bounds?

Leaps & Bounds is a pet food brand that specializes in natural cat food. They are owned by Petwise and were founded in 2016.

They operate in Australia sourcing produce locally and from New Zealand. According to their website, some food is made in Thai facilities.

Leaps & Bounds make wet and dry cat food.

Leaps & Bounds Ingredients

Leaps and bounds cat food ingredient list

Score: 8/10

Leaps & Bounds cat food uses animal foods as first ingredient in their wet food range. Everything is simple, which isn’t a bad thing as simple is best for cats.

Here’s a look at the ingredient list for Leaps & Bounds Ocean Fish with Mussel (meat ingredient highlighted):

Ingredient List: Ocean Fish, Chicken, Mussel, Chelated Minerals, Omega Oils, Gelling Agents, Essential Vitamins

The label tells us that there is 90% meat products in the tin. That means you’re getting a product chock full of meaty goodness including fish, chicken, and mussel.

All of these foods are high in protein and micronutrients to keep your cat strong and healthy.

Note how there’s not too much unnecessary stuff in the tin. It’s grain-free and also doesn’t contain potato or legumes. This keeps the carb level down, which is great for cats health.

The main downside is the use of gelling agents. This is a vague term used in Australian cat food that can include gums and carrageenan. It can interfere with digestion in some cats.

Here’s a summary of ingredient features for Leaps & Bounds Ocean Fish with Mussel:

  • First 3 ingredients are animal-based foods
  • Grain-free
  • Pea-free
  • Contains gelling agents
  • Added omega oils
  • Added essential micronutrients

Check out more about Leaps & Bounds cat food over at their website.

Leaps and Bounds Nutrition

Score: 9/10

Leaps & Bounds cat food is a complete food for adult cats and/or kittens (with their kitten range). That means Leaps & Bounds is a sole source of nutrition for cats.

I emailed Leaps & Bounds to find out more about their nutrition. They report they add taurine to their wet foods (~1% dry matter basis) and the foods are low in carbs (3-4% dry matter).

Taking them on their word, the nutrition is great. This is a healthy and balanced choice for adult cats and kittens.

Here’s a snapshot of the nutrition of Leaps & Bounds in terms of metabolizable energy (ME). Keep in mind much of this is estimated from email liaison.

  • High protein (45% ME)
  • Moderate fat (25% ME)
  • Low carbohydrate (3-4% ME)
  • Low fiber (3% ME)
  • High calorie at 1,150 kcal/kg average
  • Positive calcium to phosphate ratio (1.5)

If you’d like to learn more about healthy diet, check out our handy guides below:

What Do Our Cats Think Of Leaps & Bounds Cat Food?

Flavor Score: 6/10

We offered 2 wet cat food products from Leaps & Bounds to our cat tester Oscar.

He loved one product (Ocean Fish with Mussel) but didn’t enjoy the chicken offering.

One thing we noticed is the mousse texture might be too thick. At one point Oscar pawed at it as it to try to break it up for easier eating (see below):

Our cat trying Leaps & Bounds Ocean Fish Topped with Mussel
Oscar appears to paw at the food to dislodge it, suggesting the mousse texture is a little too thick for him.

This thick texture seems to be one factor in the long eating time. Usually Oscar takes about 5 minutes to finish one serving of cat food, but this took over 13 minutes!

Since this is a new product, there’s not much going on in the reviews, so we’ll hold off there.

Here’s results from our testing:

  • Food Test 1: Leaps & Bounds Ocean Fish Topped With Mussel
  • Amount eaten: 100%
  • Time to finish eating: 13 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Food appearance: Thick gelatinous appearance. Mussel looks like a ‘smashed bug on a window pane’.
  • Smell: No strong smell
Our cat taste tests Leaps & Bounds Ocean Fish Topped with Mussel
A close up look at Leaps & Bounds ocean fish topped with mussel mousse
Leaps & Bounds ocean fish topped with mussel mousse (close up presentation)

Food Test 2: Leaps & Bounds Chicken Topped With Lamb
Amount eaten: 15%
Time to finish eating: 3 minutes and 20 seconds
Food appearance: Thick paste
Smell: Smelled a little bland

Our cat taste tests Leaps & Bounds Chicken Topped With Lamb Mousse
A close up look at Leaps & Bounds chicken topped with lamb mousse
Leaps & Bounds chicken topped with lamb mousse (close up presentation)

Leaps & Bounds Cat Food Pricing

Value for Money: 8/10

Compared to most premium cat foods, Leaps & Bounds is affordable.

You’ll find individual tins at your local Petbarn, but can save by purchasing a large pack.

Similar alternatives to Leaps & Bounds for Australians include:

Learn More:


Leaps & Bounds is an Australian based cat food found mainly at Petbarn outlets. It’s a quality offering for adult cats, but hit and miss with taste.

This food would suit fish lovers and for cats that you want to move to a healthier option. There’s a wide variety of flavors to look at.

Our cat didn’t enjoy the wet chicken cat food from Leaps & Bounds, but loved the ocean fish. Use caution with fussy eaters.

I’m still a little tentative recommending this one with the missing nutrition info, but it’s worth a try!

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