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A Full Low Carb Cat Food List For Healthy Eating

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As carnivores, cats don’t need carbs.

Unfortunately, most cat foods these days are carb loaded to the brim. Not fun!

In this article, I’ve sorted the popular cat foods to tease out the best.

I’ve also included a frequently asked questions section to help answer diet related questions.

So what’s best?

Let’s get into it!

I am not a veterinarian and I recommend seeking the advice of a vet for any further questions. This article is not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Full Low Carb Cat Food List. Find out what's best...

25 Best Wet Cat Foods Ranked for Carbs (Low Carb Cat Food List)

Here’s a full list of popular wet cat foods ranked from low to high carbohydrate.

You can see the price of the the product on the right.

Best Low Carb Wet Cat FoodsTextureLifestageCarbsCal/kgPrice
Fussie Cat Tuna With Salmon FormulaAspicAdult0.0%612$$
Tiki Baby Cat Chicken & EggShredsAll0.0%1175$$$
Hound & Gatos Duck & LiverPateAll0.0%1,222$$
Tiki Cat After Dark ChickenShredsAll0.1%751$$$
Fancy Feast Savory Centers Pate With SalmonPateAdult1.0%966$$
Meat Mates Lamb DinnerPateAll1.7%1,084$$$
Ziwi Peak East CapePateAll1.8%1,500$$$
Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb FeastPateAll2.1%895$$$
Purina Pro Plan Kitten Chicken & Liver EntreePateGrowth2.1%1,321$$
Wellness Smooth Loaf ChickenPateAdult2.6%1,116$$
Instinct Original Grain-free Real RabbitPateAll3.2%944$
Wellness Core Tiny Tasters DuckPateAdult3.7%1,291$$
Dave’s Naturally HealthyPateAdult3.7%1245$
Nulo FreestylePateAll5.8%1,225$
Sheba Perfect Portions PatePateAdult7.5%1,093$$
Earthborn Holistic Monterey MedleysShredsAdult7.5%N/A$
Natural Balance Limited IngredientPateAdult7.7%1,220$
Halo Chicken StewStewAdult7.8%1,025$
Royal Canin Kitten Feline HealthPateGrowth9.0%894$$
Ziwi Peak VenisonPateAll10.4%1,200$$$
Avo Derm Tuna & CrabGravyAll11.1%829$
Blue Buffalo Freedom IndoorPateAdult11.8%1,179$$
Sheba Perfect PortionsGravyAdult12.5%783$$
Purina Beyond Wild SalmonPateAdult13.6%1200$$
Tiny Tiger ChickenGravyAll14.0%929$$
A list of popular wet cat foods ranked from low to high carbohydrate. *dry matter basis

What Is the Healthiest Wet Cat Food?

Feline Natural.

It’s high protein and chock full of grass-fed produce. Suitable for cats of any age as a complete meal.

Only downside is the price and mixed taste results.

Learn More:

What Is the Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats?

Tiki Cat After Dark.

It’s low carb and low calorie.

This will help your cat stay at a healthy weight.

Our cat tester Oscar enjoyed his Tiki Cat After Dark. It’s a great product, but is also a little pricey.

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Our cat trying Tiki Cat After Dark cat food, a great low carb choice.

10 Best Dry Cat Foods Ranked for Carbs (Low Carb Cat Food List)

Here’s a full list of popular dry cat foods ranked from low to high carbohydrate.

You can see the price of the the product on the right.

Best Low Carb Dry Cat FoodsLifestageCarbsCal/kgPrice
Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein ChickenAll0.3%4,030$$
Ziwi Peak Air-Dried LambAll4.7%5,600$$$
Tiki Born Carnivore Kitten Deboned ChickenAll13.6%3922$$
Go! Solutions Chicken, Turkey & DuckAll17.2%4,298$
Solid Gold Indigo Moon With Chicken & EggAll19.0%3,958$
Orijen OriginalAll20.0%4,120$
Taste of the Wild Rocky MountainAll20.2%3,745$
Crave Chicken With ProteinAdult21.6%3,788$$
Purina Pro Plan Kitten Chicken & RiceGrowth24.9%4,370$
Acana Bountiful CatchAll25.6%3,800$
A list of popular dry cat foods ranked from low to high carbohydrate. *dry matter basis

Unfortunately, most dry cat foods are high in carbohydrate.

What’s the Healthiest Dry Cat Food?

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried.

It contains no added grains is very low in carbohydrate.

This food is also chock full of high quality animal-based ingredients. Great stuff all round.

We tested this food with our cats who liked it.

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Why Choose Low Carb Cat Food?

Health and taste.

According to research, cats prefer a diet of ~12% carbs dry matter or less.

As for health, low carb is best as cats are carnivores. They don’t need or benefit from any carbs.

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Wet and dry cat food
Wet food is lower in carbohydrate than dry cat food most of the time. Use dry food sparingly in your cats diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cat Food Has the Least Amount of Carbohydrates?

The lowest carb wet cat foods are:

Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein dry cat food has no carbohydrate content as well.

What Cat Food Is High in Protein Low in Carbs?

Tiki Cat After Dark is high in protein and low carb.

On a dry matter basis their chicken product offers 77% protein, and 0.1% carbohydrate.

Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein is again the best high protein and low carb dry food. It’s 67% protein and 0% carbohydrate.

Is Grain-Free Cat Food Low in Carbs?

Not always. Sometimes cat food manufactures still add other high carb ingredients beside grains that include:

  • Potato
  • Sweet potato
  • Tapioca
  • Corn

Be careful not to assume that grain-free also means low carb, because it usually does not.

Grains and legumes
Grain-free doesn’t always mean low carb. There are many high carb foods including legumes and potato.

Is Canned Cat Food Low-Carb?

Most canned cat food is low carb compared to dry foods. Pate tends to contain fewer carbs than gravy based cat foods.

Carb rich foods can often help thicken up gravy products. It varies from brand to brand though.

What Are Easily Digestible Carbohydrates for Cats?

Cat’s are able to digest finely ground cooked starches best. This includes things like rice, wheat, and potatoes.

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How Do I Know What Carbs Are in My Cat Food?

Start by checking the ingredients list. Look for carb rich ingredients including:

  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Tapioca starch
  • Cereals
  • Sugar
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Rice

If these ingredients are high on the list, they’re probably high in amount.

If the label including a carb rich ingredient, it’s probably high in amount (e.g. chicken and rice dinner).

The only real way to know how many carbs are in the cat food is to use a calculator. Here’s a carbohydrate calculator you can use.

Check the guaranteed analysis on the cat food label and enter the information. Then you’ll know how many carbs are in the food.

A cat food ingredient list and guaranteed analysis
Step 1: Find the guaranteed analysis on the back of your cat food.
A carbohydrate calculator for cat food
Step 2: Enter the information into an online cat food calculator to find the carbs.

Is Fancy Feast Good for Diabetic Cats?

Yes, most Fancy Feast wet cat food products are very in carbohydrate and suitable for diabetic cats. Steer clear of their dry food though, it’s high in carbs.

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How Many Carbs Should a Cat Have a Day?

Cats have zero requirement for carbs.

As long as you are choosing foods around or under this, you’ll be feeding your cat the proper amount of carbs.

Learn More:

What Percentage of Carbs Should a Cat Eat?

Aim to give your cat less than 12% carbs on a dry matter basis.

This is what cats prefer based on research.

What Is Considered High Carbs in Cat Food?

Anything over 12% on a dry matter basis is ‘high’ for our purposes. I recommend limiting cat foods that are over this amount.

Is Dry Cat Food High in Carbs?

Typically dry cat food is high in carbs compared to wet cat food. This is due to having more carb rich foods like rice, wheat, and oats.

How Many Carbs Are in Dry Cat Food?

We’ve looked at 20 popular dry cat foods and the average carbs was 25% on a dry matter basis.


Cats have no dietary need for carbs.

This means you don’t need to look for food that contains carbohydrate.

For your cats health, it’s best to offer foods lower in carbs. This can help prevent diabetes among other health conditions.

Use the list in this article to help find suitable cat foods to keep the carbs down in your cats diet. We recommend cat food with less than 12% carbs dry matter.

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