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Breeders Choice Cat Litter Review

Breeder's Choice cat litter (C) Simply Cat Care
Breeder’s Choice cat litter

Review Summary

  • Cat Approval: Our kittens enjoyed Breeder’s Choice, using it almost as much as clay litter. The soft, large pellets are gentle on their paws.
  • Great Value: Offer an affordable price at $0.22AUD per 100g (for the largest size option). The smaller 15L bag is not too shabby, getting you about 3 full standard litter tray fills (two inch depth). The 60L option gives at least 10 fills.
  • Low Tracking: Despite its dustiness, the litter pellets didn’t tend to stick to our kittens paws, keeping things clean.
  • Good Absorption: While not top-tier, it absorbs urine well leaving no residue on the tray bottom after three days of use.
  • Australian Made: Supports a local brand.
  • Odor Control: Decent for urine, but could be better for fecal odor control.
  • No Clumping: Absorbs moisture and slightly changes color, but lacks clumping. This makes it hard to know when it needs changing.
  • Dust Levels: Exceeds safe PM2.5 levels as per air quality tests, posing risk for asthma patients, pregnant individuals, young people, and your cats. Especially concerning for those in confined living spaces.
7.5 score picture

Final Thoughts

Breeder’s Choice cat litter scores points with its great value and it’s soft texture. The lack of tracking and good absorption are other plus points.

However, the dustiness and average odor control for feces may be a problem for some. For those in smaller living spaces and with compromised health, it doesn’t seem to be the best option.

Overall it’s a mixed bag here. Whilst the price is right and you get a lot of value, you should weigh the pros and cons for your specific needs.

Key Features

MaterialRecycled paper
Packing typePaper
Re-sealable bagNo
Odor control additiveNo
Bag sizing options15L; 30L; 60L
Made in?Australia
Key features for Breeder’s Choice cat litter
Front label of Breeder's Choice cat litter (C) Simply Cat Care
Front label of Breeder’s Choice cat litter
Back label of Breeder's Choice cat litter (C) Simply Cat Care
Back label of Breeder’s Choice cat litter

Product Testing Data

Sizing<20mm x <5mm
Absorption ratio*90%
Did cat use?Yes
Density (ml/g)1.6
Product testing data for Breeder’s Choice cat litter

*how much water was absorbed by the litter without leaking to the bottom of the tray

A photo showing the size of Breeder's Choice cat litter (C) Simply Cat Care
Sizing: <22mm x <5mm litter size
A photo showing how much volume 500g of Breeder's Choice cat litter fills (C) Simply Cat Care
Density: 500g cat litter fills ~1,150ml in a jug
Our kittens using Breeder's Choice cat litter (C) Simply Cat Care
Usage: Our kittens enjoyed using this litter
A photo showing residue left from using Breeder's Choice cat litter (C) Simply Cat Care
Tracking: Slight residue on the bottom of the tray
Breeder’s Choice cat litter absorption testing


I poured Breeder’s Choice cat litter from varying distances into a tray. Then, I recorded PM2.5 and the air quality index using an air quality monitor.

From close range (0cm), the air quality monitor picked up a dangerous spike in PM2.5 dust. This occurred when pouring and patting the tray (to simulate cat use).

PM2.5 particles are small and linked with adverse health effects through respiration. Short term exposure can result in acute symptoms in vulnerable people like children and the elderly. Long term exposure may increase the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Whether this litter is safe will depend on a myriad of factors including where you put the litter and ventilation. Fortunately it seems safer at distance (30cm).

Air Quality0cm0cm pat test15cm 15cm pat test30cm
Max PM2.565.735.09.313.95.8
Average PM2.513.511.
PM2.5 fluctation62.531.66.711.34.3
Max and average (mean) PM2.5 and AQI levels for Breeder’s Choice cat litter for two minutes
SCC Dust testing graph PM2.5 3
PM2.5 results from testing Breeder’s Choice cat litter with an air quality monitor
Breeder’s Choice cat litter air quality and PM2.5 testing

Cat Preference and Usage

I tested Breeder’s Choice cat litter alongside a clay litter (Smitten).

Our cats used this almost as much as clay, suggesting they enjoy using it. That didn’t surprise me given it’s soft and lightweight.

In terms of waste, the feces didn’t get coated well by the litter and smelled a bit. I didn’t pick up any musty urine odor though.

Post testing, I emptied the litter tray back into a bag. I didn’t get any stick remains on the tray, so the absorption held up well over two days of use.

DayBreeder’s ChoiceClay
A comparison of how often our cats used Breeder’s Choice cat litter compared to clay litter
A look at scooping waste from Breeder’s Choice cat litter

Review Limitations

This test lasted only three days. More time may be necessary to get more accurate results.

Although I emptied the litter tray throughout the day, it wasn’t possible to clean out the tray at night. This may have influenced results.

I have two kittens, and it’s possible one kitten might have used another tray if another was occupied.

Finally the litter boxes used in this article are only 42cm long. Research suggests cats prefer larger boxes (at least 1.5x the size of your cat).

Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter Review Notes

  • Review date: 8 October – 10 October 2023
  • Testing methodology: 1.1 (see here)
  • Test cat litter: Breeder’s Choice cat litter
  • Control cat litter: Smitten clay litter
  • Cats: 2 cats (Cleo and Maxi) (see our cat testers here)
  • Temperature: 12 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 49%


  • 10 October 2023 – Updated content with results using testing methodology 1.1

More About Breeder’s Choice

Who are Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter?

Breeder’s Choice cat litter are a Kent Pet Group owned company. They are a US based company that own World’s Best Cat Litter, among other product lines.

Breeder’s Choice cat litter is Australian made and their cat product line. It uses recycled newspaper.

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