Honest Breeders Choice Cat Litter Review

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Breeders Choice cat litter review

Score: 8.0/10

Bottom Line

The best cat litter in Australia.


  • Recycled newspaper
  • Very affordable
  • Good absorption


  • Tracks a little
  • Not flushable
  • Average odor control

We’ve done this Breeder’s Choice cat litter review with the help of a local cat shelter.

Our cats using Breeders Choice cat litter
Our kittens using Breeder’s Choice cat litter.

Breeder’s Choice is the best affordable natural cat litter in Australia. You’ll find it all over the place, and with good reason.

It gets the job done clumping and absorbing wee. There’s very little dust.

Made of recycled paper, this litter is also friendly on the environment.

So what’s not to like?

Odor control wasn’t the best, although we tested this with 3 ‘wee happy’ kittens. You can always try their probiotic odor eating product for better odor control.

We also saw some tracking, but again, we had many kittens piling in and kicking around the place.

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Breeders Choice cat litter close up photo
Breeder’s Choice cat litter
Breeder’s Choice cat litter review

Want more info on Breeder’s Choice cat litter?

In this Breeder’s Choice cat litter review, I’ll share pictures and results from our testing.

I’ll take a look at the background of this company. Finally, I’ll answer frequently asked questions.

Breeders Choice Cat Litter Review

We took a look at the following product: Breeder’s Choice cat litter for this review.

Who are Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter?

Breeder’s Choice cat litter are a Kent Pet Group owned company. They are a US based company that own World’s Best Cat Litter, among other product lines.

Breeder’s Choice cat litter is Australian made and their cat product line. It uses recycled newspaper.

No clay.

Does Breeders Choice Cat Litter Clump Well?

The cat litter does a good job at clumping.

It doesn’t form rock hard clumps like clay, but it works fine. Gets a bit soft with lots of urination (from multiple cats or kittens).

Clumping: 8/10

Breeder's Choice does a good job at clumping
Breeder’s Choice cat litter does a good job at clumping

Does Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter Smell?

This is an unscented cat litter.

It smells like cardboard out the bag, which isn’t surprising giving it’s recycled paper.

With three kittens, we found the odor built up over the day. For single cat owners, the odor would be less problematic.

Odor Control: 7/10

How Dusty is Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter?

Not very dusty at all.

You won’t see much here. Pour away to your hearts content.

Dust Control: 9/10

Can You Flush Breeders Choice Cat Litter?


However, you can compost it if you want.

Does Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter Track?

This litter is soft clumps.

It seems to track a bit more than some other plant based cat litters.

However, we had three kittens kicking around. For a gentle cat user, this litter won’t cause problems with tracking.

Tracking Control: 5/10

Breeder's Choice cat litter tracks a little.
Breeder’s Choice cat litter tracks a little.

Do Cats Like Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter?

Our kittens had no problems using this litter.

The texture is firm and pelleted. It’s possible some clay loving cats may have a hard time.

Alternatives to Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter?

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Breeder’s Choice cat litter is an Australian based company that uses recycled paper. Their litter is low dust, and clumps well.

Our three kittens tested and enjoyed this cat litter.

This type of cat litter suits those looking for an affordable and healthier choice. For multiple cats, you might want to try the probiotic option.

Overall, it’s great stuff. Can’t go wrong here.

>> Check out Breeder’s Choice cat litter here or try Amazon.

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