Rufus and Coco Cat Litter Review

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Rufus & Coco cat litter review

Score: 7.4/10

Bottom Line

A dust-free healthy natural litter. Not the best at clumping.


  • Plant based
  • Low dust
  • Low tracking


  • Could clump better
  • Sticks to tray
  • Pricey

We’ve done this Rufus and Coco cat litter review with the help of our cat litter tester.

Our Rufus and Coco cat litter review. Here is our cat testing this cat litter.
Our cat testing Rufus and Coco cat litter

Rufus & Coco is an Australian cat litter that offer a range of plant based litters like corn and tofu.

We liked that this cat litter is low dust, low tracking, and controls odor well. It has a nice thin texture which seems friendly on the cat paws.

So what’s not to like?

The clumps were a bit soggy. Not as hard and easy to scoop as clay (although a sifting box would get around this).

It isn’t the best choice for urine absorption either, with a slight amount sticking to the bottom.

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Rufus and Coco cat litter
Rufus and Coco cat litter
Our score for Rufus and Coco cat litter
Our score for Rufus and Coco cat litter

Want more info on Rufus & Coco cat litter?

In this Rufus & Coco cat litter review, I’ll share pictures and results from our testing.

I’ll take a look at the background of this company. Finally, I’ll answer frequently asked questions.

Rufus and Coco Cat Litter Review

We took a look at the following product: Rufus & Coco Zero Odour Natural Cat Litter to conduct this cat litter review.

Who are Rufus & Coco?

Rufus & Coco are a brand that focuses on natural cat litter as well as other pet care products. This includes things like collars, bedding, and grooming kits.

The Australian based company founded in 2008, by entrepreneur Anneke van den Broek.

Rufus & Coco cat litter is Australian made. The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) tests cat litter for approval.

Does Rufus & Coco Clump Well?

Clumping was ok.

The clumps were easy to scoop out, but didn’t stay intact completely. They were a little soggy as well.

Rufus & Coco is a clumping natural cat litter. May not be as effective as clay.

Clumping: 6/10

Does Rufus & Coco Absorb Well?

Rufus & Coco is ok at absorbing wee.

The clumps are soggy and stick to the bottom of the tray a little.

Overall, this litter isn’t bad but not as good as clay.

Absorption: 6/10

A look at how well Rufus and Coco cat litter clumps
Rufus and Coco cat litter clumps well, but not as solid as clay.

Is Rufus & Coco Odorless?

This is an unscented cat litter. It has no smell out the bag.

Rufus & Coco seems to lock in the smell of urine pretty well.

Odor Control: 8/10

How Dusty is Rufus & Coco Cat Litter?

We saw very little to no dust when pouring into the tray.

Rufus & Coco Zero Odour Natural Cat Litter is great for asthmatics and those sensitive to dust.

Dust Control: 9/10

Is Rufus & Coco Cat Litter Flushable?


We tried to flush a little amount. Some of the litter settled at the bottom and needed a second flush.

Does Rufus & Coco Cat Litter Track?

Rufus & Coco tracks very little.

The litter pellets are best suited to tile floors.

Tracking Control: 8/10

A picture showing how much Rufus & Coco cat litter tracks after use
Rufus & Coco tracks a little after use. It is easy to clean though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rufus & Coco Made?

It appears this product is made in China under contract.

This doesn’t appear to get mentioned on their main website as far as I know.

Does Rufus & Coco Create Mold?

If not scooped out daily it’s possible that mold appears under cat litter in the tray.

Make sure to clean out the litter tray daily. Consider a sifting litter tray to make life easier.

Learn More:

Is Rufus & Coco Septic Safe?

Yes, this cat litter is biodegradable and flushable.

We found the litter wasn’t that great at flushing though and took two flushes to go through.

Alternatives to Rufus & Coco?

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Rufus and Coco is an Australian owned company that offer a range of natural cat litter. This product is a great choice for cats and owners with asthma.

We found it low dust and tracking. On the other hand, this cat litter is a little pricey and isn’t the best at clumping.

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