Purrfit Cat Litter Review: Is it Perfect?

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Vitapet purrfit cat litter review

Score: 8/10

Bottom Line

Underrated tofu cat litter gem.


  • Biodegradable tofu
  • Low dust
  • Clumps well


  • Where to buy?
  • Made in China
  • Not many reviews

We’ve done this Purrfit cat litter review with the help of a local cat shelter.

Our cat using Vitapet purrfit cat litter
Our kitten using Purrfit cat litter.

Vitapet Purrfit cat litter is a healthy tofu litter found in Australian stores. They offer scented and unscented.

This litter is a great all-rounder. It’s low dust. Clumps well. Locks in odor.

It’s also flushable or compostable.

Our kittens enjoyed trying this cat litter, and it was gentle on the paws.

For an environmental friendly option, this looks the goods.

So what’s not to like?

There’s not many places that offer it online.

A lack of reviews isn’t much to go off either, although we did test this for a ‘hands on’ look.

Finally, our testing used a high sided litter box. Whether it tracks a lot is not known.

The longer tofu litters tend to track less in our experience though.

>> Check out Purrfit cat litter here at Woolworths.

Purrfit natural litter
Purrfit cat litter review score

Want more info on Purrfit cat litter?

In this Vitapet Purrfit cat litter review, I’ll share pictures and results from our testing.

I’ll take a look at the background of this company. Finally, I’ll answer frequently asked questions.

PURRFIT Cat Litter Review

We took a look at the following product: Purrfit cat litter for this review.

Who makes Purrfit Cat Litter?


They are owned by Masterpet, a New Zealand based company.

Founded in 1954, this company has a range of product lines familiar to Australian and New Zealand pet owners.

This includes Black Hawk and Aristopet.

The Purrfit cat litter is made in China.

Does Purrfit Cat Litter Clump Well?


This cat litter does a great job. However, some stuck to the bottom of the tray.

I recommend daily cleaning of litter to prevent sticking.

Clumping: 8/10

A look at how well Purrfit cat litter clumps.
Purrfit clumps well.

Does Purrfit Cat Litter Smell?

This is an unscented cat litter.

There’s one lavender scented alternative.

There was no smell out the bag with the unscented type.

This cat litter controlled odor well over the day.

Odor Control: 9/10

How Dusty is Purrfit Cat Litter?

Not very dusty.

Pour away.

Dust Control: 9/10

Can You Flush Purrfit Cat Litter?


It’s biodegradable.

Does Purrfit Cat Litter Track?

The large granules seem to resist tracking.

However, our cat shelter used a high sided litter tray.

This prevents tracking. So it’s not known if this product works well with low sided trays.

Tracking Control: 9/10

A look at whether Purrfit cat litter tracks.

Do Cats Like Purrfit Cat Litter?

Our cats had no issues.

The texture is firm and long. Some cats may not enjoy this texture.

Alternatives to Purrfit Cat Litter?

Check out our other natural plant based litter reviews.


Purrfit is a healthy tofu cat litter.

It’s a great all-round product. Clumps well. Low dust. Good absorption.

Our cats enjoyed this cat litter.

We aren’t too confident though given the lack of reviews. There’s not many places to buy this product.

>> Check out Purrfit cat litter here at Woolworths.

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