Honest Providore Cat Food Review

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Providore cat food review

Score: 7/10

Bottom Line

High quality air-dried cat food snack, but very pricey.


  • Suits all ages
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free


  • Pricey
  • Mixed taste results
  • Lack of reviews

We did this Providore cat food review with our cat Felicia.

Testing Providore cat food with our cat
We tested Providore cat food with the help of our cat Felicia

Providore is a New Zealand pet food brand that offer air-dried foods. Their products are high in meats and organs, to boost your cats nutrition.

I’ve tested this product with our cat Felicia.

Review summary:

The good?

Quality ingredients.

Providore is chock full of air-dried chicken, venison organs, and bone powder for complete nutrition. Better than typical dry cat food.

The bad?

Mixed taste.

Whilst it has a pleasant meaty smell, our cat had misgivings at first. She warmed up to this cat food, but fussy eaters might run away.

The ugly?


One of the most dearest cat foods. Although intended as a treat (which should last a while), you’ll have to fork out for this one.

In short:


Providore is a meat rich air-dried cat food for cats of any age. It’s easy to chew, and my cat warmed up to the taste with some initial hesitation.

The price is a big downer though and there’s scant reviews. Will a fussy cat enjoy it?

Best for:

  • Senior cats
  • Convenience
  • Diabetic cats

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A close up of Providore cat food
Providore air-dried chicken & venison
Providore cat food review
Providore cat food review

After more info on Providore cat food?

In this short Providore cat food review I’ll go into more detail about:

  • Nutrition
  • Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Value for money
  • Trust

This includes results after testing with our cat Felicia.

More below!

I am not a veterinarian and I recommend seeking the advice of a vet for any further questions. This article is not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

About Providore Cat Food

Providore is a company owned by Pet Barn, made in New Zealand.

Their slogan is ‘Pure. Rich. Fresh’ offering premium air-dried pet food.

Their products are intended for owners interested in maximizing their pets health.

The company was founded in 2019.

Quick notes:

  • New Zealand based
  • Air-dried pet food
  • Over 90% meat

Providore Cat Food Review


Very good.

Cats prefer high protein diets (~50% dry matter) when given a choice, which Providore lines up with.

Experts suggest limiting carbs to fewer than 16g per day (~12% dry matter), which Providore also achieves.

This helps control blood sugar, which isn’t well controlled with high carb diets in cats.

There’s no info on calcium, another important nutrient for cats, but there’s added venison bone powder (high in calcium) and calcium supplementation in the bag.

Providore meets AAFCO’s nutrition guidelines for all life stages.

In short:

  • High protein
  • Low carb
  • Suited for all life stages

Nutrition (Dry Matter Basis)

  • Protein: 51% (min)
  • Carbs: 8% (max)
  • Fat: 31% (min)
  • Ash: 9%*
  • Fiber: 2% (max)
  • Moisture: 15% (max)
  • Calcium to Phosphate Ratio: N/A
  • Energy: 4,550 kcal/kg

*Estimated based on the average dry cat food

Nutrition: 9/10

Providore cat food as fed nutrition
Providore cat food as fed nutrition
Providore cat food dry matter nutrition
Providore cat food dry matter nutrition
Guaranteed analysis for Providore cat food
Guaranteed analysis for Providore cat food



Four of the first five ingredients are meat which provide strength and energy for cats.

The label is an amount, stating 93% meat content from chicken & venison.

Here’s a short run down:

ChickenATasty and high in essential amino acids for muscle strength
Venison organsARich in vitamins and minerals
Chicken liverAHigh in Vitamin A, beneficial for eye health and growth
Green lipped musselAHigh in Omega 3, beneficial for joint health in senior cats
Vegetable glycerineBMade from vegetable oils and may help with constipation
Yeast extractBUsed in marmite, high in umami flavor which can boost flavor
Vitamins & mineralsANeeded to prevent disease and supplement cat food
Fish oilAHigh in omega 3, beneficial for joint health
Venison bone powderAHigh in calcium for bone and teeth health
Sunflower oilDHigh in linoleic acid, which doesn’t benefit cats
Brewer’s yeastCHigh in umami flavor which can boost taste, but no health benefit
SaltBA small amount of salt is necessary for health
InulinBFermentable fiber that may improve gut health
Natural antioxidantAHelps preserve food
TaurineAEssential amino acid for health and eye health
A table showing the ingredients of Providore cat food with any benefits

In short:

  • 93% meat
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free

Ingredients: 9.5/10

Providore cat food ingredient list
Providore cat food ingredient list



I tested Providore with our cat who hesitated at first, but warmed up to the taste with a second sniff.

With the lack of reviews, I’m not sure if fussy cats will dig it. But since it’s a dry food, you get more chances of testing the food without it spoiling.

Other points:

  • Pleasant meaty smell
  • Not too hard
  • Crunchy and small

Here are the results of testing Providore cat food with our cat Felicia:

  • Product Test: Providore Air-Dried Chicken & Venison
  • Amount Eaten: 100%
  • Time to Finish Eating: 3 minutes (had to return to warm up to it)
  • Food Appearance: Crunchy, small meaty squares
  • Smell: Pleasant meaty smell with a faint ‘cat food’ smell

Here is a look at our results from testing Providore cat food:

Our cat testing Providore cat food
Our cat Felicia wasn’t sure about Providore cat food, but warmed up with a second sniff
Our cat trying Providore cat food
Felicia is a bit confused about Providore cat food at first
Our cat trying Providore air-dried chicken & venison cat food
Our cat Felicia eventually enjoyed Providore air-dried chicken & venison cat food

Taste: 8/10

Value for Money

Super pricey.

The price of well above the average price of cat food.

Worth it?

For me, yes.

I don’t advocate feeding cats a lot of dry cat food, and I want something reliable for a snack that is good for my cat.

This one fits the bill, but it is still off-putting.

Similar products to Providore cat food with comparable price and quality include:

Value: 2/10

Learn More:


No reviews for Providore as of the writing of this article.

There are no recalls of this product, however it’s only been around for a short period. Batch numbers are clearly printed as well as contact information.

Is it something your cat will like?

It’s hard to say. My cat took time, but you could have trouble with a picky eater.

Trust: 7/10


A top quality air-dried cat food without nasty fillers, perfect as a healthy snack for cats of any age.

Providore is best for senior cat health, convenience, and diabetic cats.

The main drawback of this product is the price and mixed initial taste results.

Best for:

  • Senior cats
  • Convenience
  • Diabetic cats

Where to find Providore cat food?

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