3 Best Wet Cat Foods in Australia

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High protein and low carb is best for cats as carnivores.

That’ll keep picky cats healthy and happy.

Here’s our 3 best wet cat foods in Australia:

  1. Felix Sensations | Best Supermarket Cat Food
  2. Optimum | Best Vet Recommended
  3. Feline Natural | Healthiest

We’ve tested over 40 wet cat foods in Australia to sort through what’s best.

A variety of wet cat food found in Australia
A variety of wet cat food found in Australia

In the rest of this article I’ll go through a buying guide on what to look for. Then I’ll explain my top wet cat food picks.

Finally, I’ll answer frequently asked questions on this Aussie wet cat food.

I am not a veterinarian and I recommend seeking the advice of a vet for any further questions. This article is not intended as medical advice.

Buying Guide

Where to start?

The back of the cat food label.

Look for a statement of nutritional adequacy. Cat’s need enough nutrients to stay healthy, like any living creature.

A statement of nutritional adequacy on a cat food label.
A statement of nutritional adequacy on a cat food label. This cat food meets the needs for adult cats.

Choose Complete Cat Food

Very important.

This type of cat food gives cats everything they need and prevents deficiencies.

AAFCO provides nutrition guidelines for cat food manufactures.

If the food meets AAFCO’s guidelines, it’s suitable as sole feeding option. That means your cat will get everything they need.


Check to see if the cat food is lifestage appropriate.

AAFCO have guidelines for growth, maintenance or all life stages.

What’s best?

  • Kittens (less than 1 year): Choose growth or all life stages
  • Adults (1 – 7 years): Choose maintenance or all life stages
  • Older cats (7+ years): Choose all life stages

Be weary of supplemental food.

Whilst this is fine as a treat, it doesn’t give your cat all the nutrients they need.

An example is Applaws cat food, a nice food but only as a supplement.

Applaws cat food
Applaws are an example of a supplementary cat food. Great for occasional feeding but not a sole feeding option.


Animal foods are best.

As carnivores, cats prefer the taste of meat.

Cats eat meats, not sweets.

Make sure animal based ingredients are high on the ingredients list (goes from highest to lowest weight).

If you check the front label it gives clues as to how much ingredients are in the tin.

Ideally, look for a percentage amount.

Top brands do this (e.g. Tiki Cat).

The front label of a cat food
Check the front label for clues as to how much meat is in the tin (e.g. 90% in this Leaps & Bounds cat food).

The next best label type is either dinner, recipe, nuggets or feast.

Be weary of cat food using the with label descriptor. This means there’s little to none of the named ingredient.

If that ingredient is low on the list but there’s meat ingredients, then you’re in good shape. But if it behind a lot of grains or fillers than be weary of quality.

A presentation of cat food.
An example of a cat food using a ‘with’ descriptor. Check the full ingredients to weigh up whether the cat food is best for your needs.

What About Picky Cats?

Most cats love:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beef

But this varies from cat to cat.

Some are chicken lovers, fish lovers or beef fanatics. Some like pate, whilst others prefer jelly.

Experiment with different options to find what’s best.

Be aware that too much tuna is bad for cats. Limit tuna rich cat food to once a week at most.



High protein is best.

Laws require some kind of guaranteed analysis on cat food.

The guaranteed analysis doesn’t mean much until you convert it to a dry matter basis analysis. You’ll need a calculator for that.

Although it’s tedious, it’s worth doing to optimize your cats health.

I suggest the following targets for top health:

  • > 40% protein
  • < 15% carbs

This is what cats prefer when given a choice.

Keeping carbs low prevents:

  • Diarrhea
  • High blood sugar
  • Food rejection



Micros are vital.

The most important are calcium and phosphate.

Research suggests a high calcium to phosphate ratio to help protect the kidneys. It also prevents disease in kittens.

You might have to dig deeper to find more info on the brands website.

Some brands include a complete nutrition PDF to download (e.g. Ziwi Peak) which will help you know everything you need to know about your cat food.

Ultimately, choosing the best cat food is about taking your time.

Read the fine print. Do a google search. Add things up.

For more reading, check out our guides below for any specific topic.

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3 Best Wet Cat Foods in Australia

I tested 40+ wet cat foods found in Australia.

Things that matter most for us:

  • Trust: Is it a reliable brand that customers love and is easy to find?
  • Ingredients: Do the ingredients support good health?
  • Nutrition: Does it meet a cats needs as carnivores?
  • Value for Money: Is it an affordable product?
  • Taste: Are cats enjoying the product?

Here’s what’s best:

1. Felix Sensations Jellies

Best Supermarket Wet Cat Food in Australia

Felix Sensations Jellies cat food (picture)

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Picky cat friendly
  • Meat rich
  • UK safety concerns
  • Not senior friendly


Felix is an affordable choice that picky cats love and it’s easy to find.

I’m confident most cats will enjoy this one, as ours did.

With a variety pack on offer, it’s also a convenient choice.

I’ve got issues with safety concerns from the UK (nothing confirmed). It’s also suited for adult cats only (even though they say otherwise).

Where to find Felix Sensations?

Read More:

Felix Sensations Jellies dry matter nutrition
Felix Sensations Jellies dry matter nutrition
Felix Sensations review score
Felix Sensations review score

2. Optimum

Best Vet Recommended Cat Food

Optimum Urinary Care cat food (picture)

Pros and Cons

  • Fussy cat friendly
  • Meat rich
  • Grain-free
  • Pricey
  • Lacks variety


You’ll often find Hill’s, Royal Canin and Optimum littered around vets.

Optimum is the best of those, by a long stretch. It’s super low carb and high in meat.

Our cats love the product too.

It is pricier that the usual supermarket fare though, and doesn’t offer much variety. The products don’t vary much (e.g. healthy weight, and urinary care).

Where to find Optimum?

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Optimum wet cat food dry matter nutrition
Optimum wet cat food dry matter nutrition
Optimum wet cat food review score
Optimum wet cat food review score

3. Feline Natural

Healthiest Wet Cat Food in Australia

Feline Natural cat food

Pros and Cons

  • High protein
  • Low carb
  • Suits all ages
  • Pricey
  • Smelly


Feline Natural is the healthiest option for cats of any age.

It’s grain-free, soy-free, and rich in grass-fed meats.

The nutrients are also beneficial for senior health, including omega 3 and glucosamine.

It comes at a cost though, and it’s a bit smelly.

Where to find Feline Natural?

Read More:

Feline Natural dry matter nutrition
Feline Natural dry matter nutrition
Feline Natural review score
Feline Natural review score

Best Wet Cat Foods in Australia: Full LIst

Still not sure?

Here’s a comparison table of 10 great choices to look at. I’ve tested them all.

Here it is:

Cat FoodTextureLifestageProteinCarbKcal/kgScoreNotes
OptimumJellyAdult58%3%60085Best vet recommended wet cat food
Fancy Feast KittenPateGrowth54%4%106485Great choice for kittens
Felix Sensations JelliesJellyAdult60%8%100084Best supermarket cat food
Dine Saucy MorselsGravyAdult45%7%85084Another great supermarket cat food
Advance KittenJellyGrowth58%3%60084Solid choice for kittens
ApplawsShredsSupplement78%10%53081Decent supplemental cat food for picky cats
Tiki Baby CatShredsAll63%0%117581Best quality for kittens
Feline NaturalPateAll52%2%89579Best overall quality for cats of any age
Leaps & BoundsMousseAdult47%3%120078Australian brand, but has a sticky texture
Purina ONEGravyAdult58%13%83078Tasty option, but a tad high in carbs
10 best wet cat foods in Australia comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Wet Food for Cats in Australia?


This was our top choice, although there’s many other great options.

Felix is tasty, affordable, and offers a range of choices to meet the needs of adult cats (1-7 years), with kitten options too.

Other top picks:

What Wet Cat Food Is Made in Australia?

Aussie wet cat food brands include:

Is Felix Food Good for Cats?


It’s low carb, and meat rich. It’s a tasty option at an affordable price.

Learn more:

Is Dine Wet Cat Food Good?


It’s a great supermarket option.

There’s plenty of flavors, it’s low carb, high protein, and cats love it. This is up there with Felix and Fancy Feast as great options.

Does Wet Cat Food Brand Matter?


Some brands are known for a consistent range of products that meet cats needs (e.g. Fancy Feast). Others are a bit of a gamble.


We rate the best wet cat food in Australia as Felix.

It’s easy to find, tasty, reliable, and low carbs. A cat friendly choice most will enjoy.

When looking for wet cat food, always check the label first. See if it meets AAFCO’s guidelines as a sole feeding option.

Then browse the ingredients and look for a meat rich cat food. Steer clear of foods with excess grains, potato, and legumes as cats don’t need these foods.

Our top picks:

  1. Felix Sensations | Best Supermarket Cat Food
  2. Optimum | Best Vet Recommended
  3. Feline Natural | Healthiest
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